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Silver Fic
... giving Ianto the key to Jack's happiness since 2009
13th-Apr-2013 02:51 am - A Taste of Honey: Chapter 1
Title: A Taste of Honey
Chapter: #1 A Taste of Honey
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: NC-17 (18)
Genre: Angst, Romance, H/C
Warnings: Dub-con, prison, drug use, dub. self-harm, sex & violence
Disclaimer: Hollyoaks, Ste Hay and Brendan Brady belong to Lime Pictures and Channel 4. If I'd have been allowed to play with them on an official basis, things would have been very betterer.
Author's Note: I realise my blog is basically a Janto blog. If anybody is interested in this fic and wants to know the backstory, you can find their story on Dailymotion here. They're not in order, though! You have to start with the August playlist, then the 2010-11 one. And they're in reverse order. But they're all HQ! This has been cross-posted to AO3 (pseud villain-synonymous) and to ff.net (under villain.synonymous).

Summary: Post the 'events of March'. Ste struggles to deal with Brendan's absence, then is unexpectedly gifted with the opportunity of a rather unfortunate reunion - but everybody knows a taste of honey is indescribably worse than none at all. That's right, I did a cheesy summary.

Obviously Major Spoilers for March!

Chapter 1: A Taste of HoneyCollapse )
12th-Apr-2013 09:03 pm - Stendan?
So, I dunno if I should post it here, but I started a Stendan fic (Ste and Brendan from Hollyoaks). Should I post it here? Is there even Stendan fandom on LJ? Pfft I dunno. I've been out the game too long. I feel so old!
1st-Apr-2013 09:40 pm - Hello??
Is there anybody even out there?
6th-Oct-2011 06:48 pm - Let's play a game...
Let's play a game.

It's called 'Shout At Silver And Threaten Her with Stuff Until She Stops Procrastinating And Starts Writing'.


1. There are no rules. Except this one. Which means there's one rule. And it's this one. There are no other rules.

OMG WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? Don't worry. I don't know either. I'm definitely not putting the responsibility of making me write onto your shoulders as yet another form of procrastination. Definitely not.

I have to find the will to finish my Big Bang.

And stop listening to Queen's 'The Show Must Go On' on repeat. I might move onto Too Much Love Will Kill You. Or maybe Don't Stop Me Now. Or Innuendo. Or Killer Queen. I promise I'm not listing Queen/Mercury songs as another form of procrastination.

Erm ... yeah. heh.
24th-Sep-2011 01:14 am - The Hobbies by a_silver_story
Title: The Hobbies
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, other then mentions of smexytimez
Disclaimer: Belongs to whatever station it is Torchwood is currently belonging to. Basically, not mine. Borrowed for funsies.
Summary: Basically, in a world where Ianto didn't die in Children of Earth, he and Jack are living in a cottage in the middle of nowhere discussing what to do with their limitless free time off the radar and unemployed. Inspired by my friend saxgoddess25's hobby.

The HobbiesCollapse )
Okay, okay. Long time no see. My bad. But my life has been pretty turbulent and torn over the past few months, so I'm not as sorry as I probably should be. Anyhoo, consider this post a forewarning for the upcoming Torchwood Big Bang - there's fic on the horizon! Yay! Finally!

In other news, Torchwood: Miracle Day has aired. Yes, I watched it. Every episode. Some episodes I saw twice.

I'm also aware that some people haven't seen it at all.

So, I've gone through it in my head, stripped it down to its bare essentials and have provided you all with 'Torchwood: Miracle Day, In Ten Nutshells'. No warnings for anything but language, snark and very obviously, spoilers. Click below for the .PDF, or under the cut for the LJ version. Hope you enjoy!

Torchwood: Miracle Day In Ten NutshellsCollapse )
Title: SilverFish
Chapter 12/??
Author a_silver_story
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: Abuse, drug use
Summary: Jack and Ianto in prison - with plot, and lots and lots of smut. Sorry, I can't help it.
Disclaimer: If I owned anything in this, I'd be a rich rich rich bitch. However, I am not a rich rich rich bitch so you may all, therefore, assume I own nothing. Which I don't. It all belongs RTD and the BBC, in case any of you didn't know. Now pass the retcon ...

Torchwood Index

First Chapter

Chapter TwelveCollapse )
27th-Apr-2011 10:36 am - 10 Ianto Jones and 11 icons
10 icons; 5 Ianto Jones, 5 11th Doctor.

| | | |

Some of my other 11th Doctor icons contain non-spoilery caps of series 6 episode 1. While they do not contain spoilers, there may be those who wish to be warned beforehand. :)

These were made for the year_of_chars icon challenge.

Below the cut...Collapse )
19th-Apr-2011 10:28 pm - Elisabeth Sladen, 1948-2011
I'm guessing all those on Twitter will have heard the news, for for those who haven't:

Sarah Jane actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away, aged 63, this morning.

I loved her always.

Silver xx
17th-Apr-2011 11:55 pm - AU fic where Ianto is a doctor.
Title: Dr. Jones Will See You Now
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sexual implications
Disclaimer: RTD, BBC, Starz. Wotevs.
Summary: An AU drabble where Ianto is a doctor in a doctors' surgery and Jack is his annoying patient. And then they have sex.

The patient entered the room with an annoying swagger. “Hello, Dr. Jones,” he said.

“Hello, Captain Harkness,” he replied.

*Harkness does something annoying. I dunno ... just ... something annoying.*

'My God, this man is annoying,' thought Ianto, 'but he is quite sexy.'

Jack grinned toothily. “I need a prostate exam!” he announced.


And then they have sex.



Today, I found out that one of my sister's friends decided it was a good idea to completely destroy somebody's life over a Facebook status.

Behind the cut ...Collapse )
12th-Apr-2011 08:48 am - Jack_Ianto_LAS: Challenge 4 Entry
Name: a_silver_story
Story Title: 'An Open Statement For The Weirdoes Who Come Knocking On My Door.' by David Davies
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Summary: This was written for jack_ianto_las Challenge 4, 'Childhood Memories'. I didn't particularly like it but since it actually won this round, I'm guessing somebody did. So here it is:

by David Davies

I was ten when he died, so please, stop assuming I knew the real him. I didn't. There are those of you who will make your pilgrimages to Cardiff, find my home, knock on my door and ask me questions. You just want to get a 'feel' for him. To know what he was 'like'. To get to 'know' him.

Well, I have news for you, guys: he's dead. Nobody knows him any more, least of all me. The man I remember from my childhood is very different to the man they keep telling me he was. A great man, Mam always said. Great.

It was so many years ago that my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to track down Captain Jack Harkness. I figured that since a photograph of him and my uncle had sat on the mantel since I was ten I might as well learn about him. I'm still convinced he'd been patiently waiting for one of us to ask questions: he, too, simply knocked on my door one day and introduced himself.

I met with him every twelve months, on August nineteenth. We got coffee and we talked. Jack apologised for everything; for my uncle's death, for the lack of time he'd managed to spend with us. I described my memories of him, and it seemed to make him sad. “How do you wish I remembered him?” I asked.

It took him a moment to reply. “I don't think you should remember him any different. I just wish you had more memories. I wish you'd had more time.”

Jack always said that my uncle was 'imperfect to the point of perfection'. I remembered him as neat, quiet, awkward and … well … boring. Jack said he'd been obsessive and neurotic – and, yes, very neat – precise, calm, a nag. A comedian. He was the butler, but he was also the boss. Too clever for his own good, but too stupid to know when to stop. Too young.

A few years later, after dwelling on it for a while, when I met with Jack at our usual spot on the usual date, it came back to me. “You came to the house. I was eight. He'd been staying with us while he was really sick. You came to pick him up. I think I knew then. I think I saw it between you. And the next time I saw him after that – he was different. Mam didn't have a clue.”

He had that far-away smile on, remembering, too. “You have a good memory,” he observed.

“My uncle did. He said it runs in the family. He said having a long memory is the closest we'll ever be to knowing what it's like to be a woman.”

Jack spluttered into his coffee at that.

After about five years, our meetings grew to be less about my uncle, and more about my uncle and Jack. I spoke less about my childhood memories of a man who drifted in and out of my life, who always seemed to want to know us better but was never quite sure how. Jack told me stories – some about Torchwood missions, some more personal. Some extremely personal. I'll never think of hockey the same way again. One thing I definitely remembered from being around four was that my uncle had loved games. Apparently, that love never died, though they did progress somewhat from wearing bowler hats covered in tinfoil for a make-believe game of Power Rangers and perfectly innocent Hide and Seek.

“You really loved him,” I said to Jack as he finished recounting a funny story about my uncle, an alien device and a short bout of invisibility that wore off in the middle of a highly visible office during a mission.

“I still love him,” he replied without hesitation. “Always will.”

There was a pause, and he frowned at me a moment, thinking. “Have these meetings helped you?” he asked. “Do you think you know him better?”

Did I know him better?

I pondered the question over the next year, on and off. Did I know him better?

No. I didn't.

I knew of him. I knew of his secrets, his mistakes, his wit and his loyalty. I knew of his loves, of his adoration for my sister and me, his passion for Jack and his devotion to Torchwood. I knew of his exploits, his missions, his pranks. His dreaded Decaf Revenge. I knew of his bravery, of his strength of character – the respect he deserved.

But the man I really knew all those years ago? The man now locked away in my memories? Neat, quiet, awkward, boring. And I realise now that that is the uncle I love, regardless. And you will never know him, either.

My meetings with Jack ended abruptly. I arrived at our coffee shop, right time, right date, and the owner came over to me, pitying expression on her face. “I'm sorry, love,” she said. “Your friend – the Captain? He's dead.”


“He left this for you a few days ago. The day before he committed suicide.”

I read the note she handed me, standing there in the middle of the crowded shop. It was battered, dog-eared and had been kept in somebody's pocket for an age. I felt the tears prick the back of my eyes and sniffed. I put the little card into my wallet and I left.

Perhaps I'd only remember a scrap Uncle Ianto, but at least I got to know Uncle Jack.

Some names just go together, y'know? Jack and Ianto.

But anyway, what I'm trying to say is stop knocking on my door. It won't help you. Just remember what you know of them, of him, and leave us all in peace.
27th-Mar-2011 04:35 am - Christopher and his Kind
In case you haven't seen it, or don't live in the UK...

Quiff Smiff Matt Smith playing Christopher Isherwood in BBC drama 'Christopher and His Kind'.

Click below for


12th-Mar-2011 08:48 pm - Drabble about Jack and Ianto
Title: Drabble about Jack and Ianto
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Anything recognisable to Torchood S1, 2 and 3 belongs to Russell T. Davies at the BBC. Now pass the Retcon, and drink it down with coffee.

Summary: Drabble set early S2.

[Forget Writer's Block, I'm on freakin' Writers' Menopause here. I can only apologise for the fact I can't write]

Drabble This WayCollapse )
11th-Feb-2011 03:56 am - RTD JEENYUS - Doctor Who-related post
Right, so:

My friend holyfrell had the idea to figure out whether or not there's an episode of DW from The Christmas Invasion to The End of Time Part II where the Doctor doesn't get attacked or injured. We've put our heads together managed to find something for every one of the 45 episodes in question, but below the cut is our list copied and pasted directly to see if you guys might be able to come up with something....

Clickey click click clickCollapse )

Well, John... There's a first for everything!

Head in a bush? Geddit??? XD
14th-Jan-2011 03:36 pm - OMGWTFBBQ, BBC! WTFBBQ?????
According to the BBC, Jack has a new wardrobe.

Here are the tweets:


And in response to the 'will he still have his coat?' questions, there's an answer based on deflection, where they say yes he will have his coat. Oh no. Not that coat. A new one! OMG it's gonna be so. cool!!


I mean ... the Webley, the Hub, the SUV, the Janet, the Myfanwy, the Gray, the Toshiko, the Owen, the Ianto ...

Oh yes - and does anybody remember the Rift? Anybody at all? I know RTD seems content saying 'it closed when the cracks in the universe did', but that's bollocks from him just not paying attention. If the Rift closed during the DW S5 finale, the Rift never would have existed at all - meaning no Torchwood three, TW S1 or 2, no CoE and no TW:MD.

Everything is being given the shove. Even Wales - even Jack's coat. The one that Ianto gave him.

I know it's just a coat, but I'm really, really annoyed about this.

Don't worry, RTD. I'll just pay your fucking bills for you while you flip me and your original audience the Vs and skip away, throwing Incendio spells at anything and everything that might catch your eye.

I've said it before and I've said it again: I will watch the first episode - who knows, I might even like the coat. I doubt it, though. It most likely won't have the same ... gah. You know what I mean. It was the coat. The big, flappy, WWII greatcoat that you couldn't quite decide whether it was retro, cool or just plain camp. The coat.

Remember when we were all so excited about CoE, kids? Damn, that feels like so long ago ...
Title: To Another
Chapter: 04|??
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: 18/Adult/NC-17 overall
Warnings: Smexy timez
Disclaimer: Anything recognisable to Torchood S1, 2 and 3 belongs to Russell T. Davies at the BBC. Now pass the Retcon, and drink it down with coffee.

Summary: Set five years after Another Life.

Another Life | Chapter One

To Another | Chapter 1 (Five Years Later)

Chapter FourCollapse )
26th-Dec-2010 10:00 pm - Tweets of Today
  • 13:05 @Amuly21 WHSmith(books,stationary, organisers, folders etc),Paperchase(pricier than latter but no books),Ryman's(dedicated stationary shop) #
  • 17:29 Got a bit of a caffeine headache so drank down some 3in1 painkillers with coffee. Regretting it in 3 ... 2 ... 1 .... NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! #
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25th-Dec-2010 10:00 pm - Tweets of Today
  • 11:22 @HolyFrell got me Animals at Work on DVD! I didn't even know you could get it! Now if you'll excuse me, I have stuff about Animalia to learn #
  • 11:32 Got my sister a fez for Christmas. She's now singing 'I whip my fez back and forth' repeatedly, swinging the tassel around with her head. #
  • 11:33 OMG LLAWEN IS TRENDING. Dunno why that made me bounce ... Anyhoo, Nadolig Llawen! #
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Lord Jebus, this had to be shared.


There are no words.

Just ... watch:

17th-Dec-2010 10:55 am - Sherlock Meets Avenue Q - NSFW
I think this is the funniest 'Re-Dubbed With Avenue Q' videos EVER! Sherlock and The Internet is for Porn = WIN

I just *had* to share. HAD TO!
16th-Dec-2010 04:50 am - Ianto's Not Dead ...
I went to go and see Voyage of the Dawn Treader yesterday, and spotted something a little interesting. Anyhoo, I got myself home, found the trailer, and it's in there, too.

Doubtless this has probably been spotted by somebody else already, but I'm going to post about it anyway. The screen capture isn't spoilery, and I've posted the trailer I took it from at the end so that you can watch it for yourself.

Ianto's Not Dead: He's hanging around Narnia with the Jesus Lion!

- kholran


And the trailer:

15th-Dec-2010 10:00 pm - Tweets of Today


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