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Okay, several people have left comments saying "oOOh could you do this!" and I can't keep track of all the requests that have been made, so I've decided to make a separate post for it with a form to fill out so that I can be more organized with requests and suggestions.

If you want to request anything - fics, IM convs, PWP - for any of the following fandoms, fill out the form below, post it in a comment and I'll get back to you. Once I've read your request, I'll tell you whether or not I'm going to write it. If I do write it, I'll reply to your comment here linking to it.

I also accept requests for my Torchwood IM Series.


Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Casanova (RTD/BBC Version)
Robin Hood (BBC Version - I'm a little rusty on series 2, so sorry if I 'no' Robin ones)

Here's the form. Delete any rows you don't need:

If you can think of anything I can add to the form, speak up or FAIL.
Tags: fanfic index, requests

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