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Drabble about Jack and Ianto

Title: Drabble about Jack and Ianto
Author: a_silver_story
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Anything recognisable to Torchood S1, 2 and 3 belongs to Russell T. Davies at the BBC. Now pass the Retcon, and drink it down with coffee.

Summary: Drabble set early S2.

[Forget Writer's Block, I'm on freakin' Writers' Menopause here. I can only apologise for the fact I can't write]

Ianto squinted through the gloom, straining his ears and hearing the regulation in Jack's breathing. Was he asleep?

Carefully, Ianto lifted the duvet a little and sidled closer, feeling the heat of Jack's body inches away from him, his skin tingling in anticipation of touch. Ianto paused, Jack shifting slightly before settling again, not realising he was holding his breath until he let it out in a rush that made Jack's skin raise bumps. Slowly he began to try and untangle the mess of sheets that had knotted between them, stifling a yawn in his exhaustion but not content enough to sleep yet.

With an undignified grunt, Jack's head turned, but again he settled as whatever had made him tense in his dreamworld let him be. Ianto yawned again, blinking sleep out of his eyes as he finally managed to straighten the bed clothes around them both.

Now for the really hard part.

Sidling again, he inched closer and closer until he could rest his head on Jack's chest, carefully manipulating Jack's arm to rest around his shoulders without waking him. Jack was a light sleeper as it was without unwittingly being posed into Ianto's personal teddy bear. Finally comfortable with an arm over Jack's waist, a leg hooked through his and Jack's arm resting around his back, Ianto closed his eyes.

Jack would wake up in the morning thinking they'd simply rolled together. There'd be an awkward moment, a cheeky grin and then they'd get up and start the day.

At least, that was what usually happened.

Ianto glanced up one last time to make sure Jack was unconscious, and he could just about make out Jack grinning at him. "You know, Ianto," he said, closing his eyes again and bringing up his other arm to squeeze him. "If you wanna cuddle afterwards, just go ahead."

Ianto didn't reply, turning his head and pressing himself closer.

That must be something else that had changed since Jack's time away with the Doctor. Not that Ianto was huge on the 'cuddling' thing. He'd never been much of a fan of cuddling in general, really. But Jack's hugs and cuddles were something different. They were a rarity. Something to be appreciated and remembered; something that he gave away to everyone but never when he truly meant it. Ianto liked Jack's cuddles.

And when Ianto had tried to cuddle Jack before, he had simply been pushed away.
Tags: drabble, fluff, ianto jones, jack harkness, one shot

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