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Silver Fic

... giving Ianto the key to Jack's happiness since 2009

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The following Health Warning was written by paraxenos


Silver: giving Ianto the key to Jack's happiness since 2009.

Hey there!

I'm a_silver_story, and I am a fanfic writer for the Janto pairing in the oh-so-stable 'Torchwood' fandom.

WARNING: My fic is all rated 18/NC-17/Adult, so if you're a minor please make sure your mam ain't gonna catch you reading it.

Janto is my OTP, and Ianto is my favourite bisexual Welsh Space Butler [he's the only bisexual Welsh Space Butler] EVAR and I can never, ever forgive RTD for killing him. If RTD does bring him back, I promise to remove him from 'The List'. The less you folks know about 'The List', the better. If I ever tell you about The List, I will have to kill you.

Verrrrrrrry slowly.

Anyways, unless Janto is your OTP or you can stand the idea of Gwen and Ianto being friends, you can bugger off - you won't like it here (even though I am most certainly not Gwen's biggest fan, and have written some hilarious bashy fics. I tend to write the version of Gwen I wish the official writers had rather than turning her into a self-centered, self-righteous, bossy, controlling, keniving cow. Y'know ... like the official writers did.) apart from in my story The Ballad of Ianto Jones, where she gets to be the baddie. [Side Note: I like Eve Myles, think she's pretty and quite like the fact she has a gap in her teeth - so don't directly bash Eve here. I will ignore you.]

I hope you like my little stories should you choose to read them - especially the more perverted ones, because they're always more fun to write.

Much love,



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